Want UX?

Micha Goldfine - Monday, February 22, 2016

Want UX? Get a great designer. Get a person that does his research prior to sketching a single line. Get a designer who asks questions and bends the rules. Get a designer who understands the company’s brand identity not only it’s visual one but it’s mantra and ideology. Get a designer who understands the product he’s about to design.

Want UX? Make sure your designers, product manager and developer communicate daily, open-minded and leave their ego at home. UX is a collaborative effort not one’s own triumph.

Want UX? Don’t read books about UX. There are probably more UX books then there are UX designers. You should educate yourself and keep that mind working but that can be done reading, participating and watching related and unrelated things to UX design. A movie or a graffiti phrase can inspire an entire new design concept far more then months of research and endless meetings.

Want UX? Get the damn thing out. Your first intuition and gut feeling is probably the right one. With the right infrastructure and support team you’ll be able to quickly adjust the design based on feedback and research.

UX is design and UX is part of the brand. A company that doesn’t have a clear direction and a brand philosophy will struggle to move-on from it’s seed stage to a leading, autonomous company.

UX is design. It’s creating objects that delight.

UX is the design behind the design and above the design. It’s the why we are doing it, for whom and how. It’s not that different then any other design disciplinary.

UX is a compromise. Design is a compromise. There will always be people that will disagree or complain about the design. UX is about minimising those complaints to a minimum. UX is about knowing the risks and preparing for change.

UX starts at the idea of using your product, continues through usage and finishes in acceptance or decline.

Want UX? Have a vision, a long term one. User experience doesn’t start or stop at the interface. UX starts at the idea of using your product, continues through usage and finishes in acceptance or decline.

We are in an era where you cannot hide. A company can’t claim for greatness without fully committing to it. If once a company existed in a pond now they coexist in an ocean. Large companies are following small startups, adjusting to new ideas, listening to customers and adjusting to trends and feedback. Lean UX must be lean in order to move quickly, adjust to small ripples and large waves.

Want UX? Look around you. Listen, adjust and deploy. Your users are ungrateful and the only thing differentiating from you and your competition is design.

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